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During the recent years, many types of network planning tools such as SteelCentral NETPLANNER, NS-2, Net2Plan, VPI Transmissiomaker, MatPlanWDM, ONDES, and SIMTON have been developed for optical transport layer simulations. These simulators have different levels of complexity and features and are quite useful for the evaluation of network performance. However, some of these simulators may take several hours of simulation time, particularly for the analysis & design of long-haul backbone WDM networks. Hence, we present a newly developed software WDM-NetSoft by PRLightCOM as a Network Planning tool that considers various modulation formats along with physical layer impairments. Our planning tool utilizes all analytical models to study the impact of physical layer impairments on the network performance, thus avoiding long hours of simulation time.

WDM-NetSoft is a network design and planning software for the feasibility studies of wavelength routed optical fiber networks to enable fiber optic network vendors and telecom service providers to deploy network equipment in the Greenfield environments. . The software can model a variety optical fiber networks such as linear, ring, and mesh topologies, It considers the legacy node architectures along with physical layer impairments and a variety of modulation formats. Some of the main features of WDM-NetSoft are:

  • RWA engine that optimizes routes and wavelengths for static and dynamic demands
  • Provide primary and back up protection routes under normal and failure conditions
  • Evaluate physical layer impairments in terms of BER, OSNR, & PMD
  • Evaluate network performance in terms of lightpath blocking probabilities and network metrics
  • Perform network capacity planning
  • Perform network (relative) cost analysis
  • Generate performance plots and reports


WDM-NetSoft is configured to assist network engineers in the fiber optic telecom industry to design fiber optic networks as well as educate post graduate students in the academia. It includes benchmark network examples for user reference and the user can build its own physical network topologies and perform network evaluations. WDM-NetSoft can be installed & configured on Windows, and provides a graphical user interface for drawing the physical topology and for keying the network parameters. It also enables the user to create new projects or open examples or the existing projects, and save the results and/or graphs.