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The design of optical fiber links and networks is crucial to the deployment of broadband infrastructures across terrestrial or undersea segments. The telecom sector growth in India is steadily increasing over the years due to the exponential increase in data traffic, resulting in higher bandwidth demand across the country. A few Indian fiber optic transmission equipment manufacturers have emerged in recent years to meet the bandwidth demand and may require customized design tools or engineering consulting services. Regarding academia, although many engineering colleges in India offer OFC systems and networks courses in their B.E or MTech curricula, but the students are not exposed to practical aspects of systems or network engineering due to lack of fiber optic test equipment for the evaluation of OFC systems or networks.

During the recent years, the commercial photonic simulators such as VPITransmissionMaker, OptiSystem, OptSim, and MetroWAND have been utilized in the academia mainly for research work pertaining to photonic devices, systems, and networks. Although these simulators yield accurate modeling results based on the time-domain wave propagation methods, but they are time consuming and computationally expensive for the design of WDM long haul transmission systems and networks. Additionally, these photonic simulators are quite expensive and may not be cost effective for use in undergraduate or post graduate courses in the Indian academic environments.

​Therefore, to alleviate the above issues, PRLightCOM has developed new design tools such as “OFC-SystemsSoft” and “WDM-NetSoft” for training graduate students, newly hired teachers and engineers. These design tools mainly focus on the practical aspects of a variety of optical fiber links and networks which gives real world insights relating to systems and network engineering. The utilization of these design tools by the students will assist students to gain career placements in fiber optic telecom companies.